Write Up

Document Generation

Write Up is a documentation generator. The documentation is typed using markdown language and the output is a set of HTML documents. The output is self-contained, can be viewed using a web browser and can be structured for use online or offline.


It is intended to facilitate the quick and easy creation of documentation about anything. It is designed with a simple interface and is geared towards a singular purpose for maximum user friendliness.


Whenever I created small scripts or applications that had to be used by a friend, co-worker or customer I would always hand write the documentation using HTML. After I discovered MkDocs, it became my go-to solution for producing documentation as the use of markdown was much simpler and quicker than using HTML. Furthermore, markdown ended up being sufficient for 95%+ of use cases where I needed to document something.

I later discovered showdownjs, which is a JavaScript markdown to HTML converter. It then occurred to me that I could make my work flow even simpler by creating an application that would cut down on the copying, pasting and renaming that is involved with every new project. That application is Write Up.